WW1 - A Village at War

2018 will see the final year of commemoration for the centenary of World War I.  The Llangwm Local History Society began researching local, national and international aspects of The Great War in 2013, and this exhibition reflects much of the information gleaned about those who fought and their families who remained at home. It will also be available to be viewed at the Follies Theatre, Folly Farm, Narberth prior to the final staging of the opera - “WW1 - a Village at War” on Saturday November 10th.


Of the 46 young men from the locality who went to war, 17 did not return, two of whom were brothers who died together on the Somme. No-one who returned was unscathed by the traumatic events of being shelled at sea, or the appalling conditions of trench warfare.


The exhibition also includes the training camp next to the village - Hearston Camp, and subsequent four village marriages; and the different life/role for women which eventually led to greater equality.




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