The Torch Theatre Company produces three to four shows each year and productions are cast by the company’s Artistic Director Peter Doran & any guest directors.

We don’t generally have a company, or ‘through-cast’ for a season of plays. Productions are normally cast separately, taking account of the specific demands of each role.


We employ actors who are resident all over the U.K and auditions are usually held either in Cardiff, London or here at the Torch.


Casting Do’s and Don’ts


E-mails making specific suggestions for particular roles are helpful. General emails, expressing a wish to work at The Torch are not usually effective.


Letters and hard copies of photographs and CVs are not necessary with emails and attachments being preferable. CDs and show reels are generally not useful.


Please remember


There are a lot of you, and not many of us. We receive hundreds of submissions and invitations to shows each year so it is not possible to file or respond to all of them.


While we try to be helpful and supportive, we cannot always respond to requests for career advice or help with auditions.


All submissions for casting should be made to


Please ensure you have read our policy on casting before making your submission.

Cating at the Torch Theatre


All parts available apart from Francis Henshall and Harry Dangle. Ability to play a musical instrument is useful but not essential. Please look at play and apply with serious suggestions for specific roles.

One Man, Two Guvnors is a play by Richard Bean, an English adaptation of Servant of Two Masters, a 1743 Commedia dell'arte style comedy play by the Italian playwright Carlo Goldoni. The play replaces the Italian period setting of the original with Brighton in 1963. The play opened at the National Theatre in 2011, toured in the UK and then opened in the West End in November 2011, with a subsequent Broadway opening in April 2012.


Charlie Clench, late 40's/50's Cockney
Pauline Clench, his daughter
Alan Dangle, young actor, quite posh.
Dolly, 30's, employee of Clench
Lloyd Boateng 40's Jamaican, ex con, friend to Clench
Rachel Crabtree 20's, needs to be convincing as both Male and Female (1st Master)
Stanley Stubbers 20's, Home Counties, privately educated. (2nd Master)


Dates 10th Sept – 20th October