Sarah Hoss: Learning to Fly (by falling)

This is a personal intimate portrayal of life in Pembrokeshire by photo-blogger and journalist Sarah Hoss raising three children, one of whom has Down's Syndrome, in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park.


In a social media age, children's lives are documented on phones, Facebook and Instagram. This exhibition includes photographs taken on a traditional camera alongside candid digital shots.


The images capture moments in time that shows the emergence of a young adult with Down's Syndrome, as the family seek to support this development mainly by just living each day and each moment together - whilst being willing to take risks.


The family experience many trips and slips along the way whilst learning that falling and failing is part of the process until you finally take flight.


Learning to Fly (whilst falling) is a very personal story for mum Sarah Hoss and her son Geraint, alongside his two sisters Elaina and Freya.


These private images capture moments of triumph and joy that have lifted this family to realise it can fly.


This exhibition celebrates childhood, disability and the desire of a young family to ensure their most vulnerable member gets his wings. 

Cafe Torch