Milford Haven Memory Box

Have you got a story about Milford Haven that needs to be heard?


The Torch Youth Theatre are looking for your stories about Milford Haven to help shape an exciting new project called the Milford Haven Memory Box. The project aims to connect the Youth Theatre members with the community within our town; to share, to listen and to develop local nostalgia into a theatre piece.


The stories can be from yesteryear up to the present day, covering all aspects of Milford Haven life. Milford Haven has a rich history as the town has developed over the years with its links to the sea, the petroleum industry and being a vital base for Allied troops during the Second World War; all of which have helped to shape the town into what it is today. Over the past year new stories will have emerged as we have faced unprecedented times with Covid-19. The Torch Youth Theatre want to give a platform for these stories to be told so they are retained for future generations to hear.


Chloe Wheeler, the Torch Theatre's Education and Youth Officer said:


“Can you remember what the nightlife and entertainment spots used to be like? Do you have any stories of the Marina or Docks? Has anyone famous or royal ever visited? Did you meet them? Do you know some history of the town that has been forgotten and needs to be shared? We would love to know about what stories you have to say about our wonderful town.”


The Youth Theatre would like an array of Milford Haven stories from both the younger and older generations from within our community, including by those that have moved out of the town.


Chloe added:


“It would be amazing to get a range of stories through the years. We are establishing relationships with our local care and residential homes but if we could connect with younger demographics as well, we would welcome it. It would be great to hear from a range of people who’d like to share a story of our town and community.”


The Milford Haven Memory Box project has been made possible by the kind support of the Milford Haven community who voted for the scheme as part of the Milford Haven Working Together Fund, supported by the Police Commissioners Fund. Once it is safe to return back to the Torch, the stories collected for the Milford Haven Memory Box will be told by the Youth Theatre.


If you have got a story to tell or would like to find out more, please contact Chloe via email or call 07841 830346.