This Autumn: FAT CLUB FOR MEN in Milford Haven

Why don’t men join slimming clubs?


At a time where the risk of being overweight is now as almost as likely as smoking to cause cancer according to scientists* and with many of the major slimming and dieting companies focusing their campaigns towards a female audience, a new show touring South Wales this Autumn challenges the taboo about male weight loss and offers support to those who would like to discuss the challenges of losing weight from a male perspective.


Fat Club for Men is a series of meetings leading up to the performance of Say When?, a new play tackling weight at the Torch Theatre, Milford Haven, later this Autumn.


Fat Club For Men is open to all men are welcome who want to lose weight, have lost it and wish to share their stories or wish to take action for climate change. The first meeting will be at the Torch Theatre, Milford Haven, on Wednesday 28 August from 6pm.


The sessions will be led by Robert Bowman who wrote and stars in Say When?. Robert himself is currently facing the challenges of wrestling with his middle-aged spread.


Robert said: “Most dieting clubs attract women. We want to create something where men feel comfortable and challenged in a good way to talk about their relationship to food. The hour and a half long sessions will be an opportunity for you to meet others on their journey, share ideas and discuss how to progress.”


Robert goes to say; We will find out what motivates people to lose weight and make a change. For our first meeting Lighting Designer, Chris will be talking about how his experiences of losing weight with a well-known Slimming brand. We will discuss the latest knowledge in nutrition and diet from a male perspective and challenge ourselves to make steps either with eating for health or for the health of the planet.”


Fat Club for Men is free to attend and leads up to the performance of Say When? at the Torch Theatre on Wednesday 25 and Thursday 26 September. To attended the Fat Club for Men session on Wednesday 28 August or to find out more information please contact Robbie on or text 07757 628950.


* Source: OBESITY CANCER RISK Being fat is almost as likely as smoking to cause cancer, experts warn - The Sun, 9 Aug 2019: