Pete's Picks - Spring 2018

Just as we catch our breath from a very succesful Autumn and Winter season, we’re off, launching ourselves into Spring!


They say there’s no rest for the wicked and that appears to be the case as the Torch launch two more shows that we are co-producing. First up we have Belonging, an award winning co-production with ReLive that I directed last year. A very moving show which won actor Llion Williams the Wales theatre Award for best actor; a very moving production which I urge you to see.


We then have a co-production with Dirty Protest of ‘Lightspeed to Pembroke Dock’. This is the story of the building of the Milennium Falcon from Star Wars in Pembroke Dock – a must see piece of modern local history! Get your tickets early.


Visiting productions include Ballet Cymru with Cinderella, always a hit. A return of the outrageous Ceri DuPree – King of the drag Queens, if you know what I mean! And a one woman version of Sex and the City which I’m assured is fabulous. Throw in Elvis, Bowie and The Eagles and suddenly Spring is blooming!


` Pete's Picks - Spring 2018