Face Shields for Key Workers

Do you want to help the Torch Theatre to make a difference to support our local nurses, nursing assistants and carers to continue their brilliant work on the front line? We are raising money to help cover the costs of making face shields to help protect these invaluable workers in the battle against Covid-19. 

We are making these face shields to support our local community; the nurses, the carers and support workers, to help supply them with the extra protection they require to continue providing care through this difficult time.

As a not for profit organisation and charitable trust, we are not looking to profit by making these face shields. The face shields cost just under £2 to make per shield. Our technical team have volunteered their own free time to make these shields and where we can, we are giving these shields away to key workers. So far we have made over 300 face shields but due to demand we are keen to make even more.

If you can help support the funding to allow us to make more face shields, please consider a donation, however big or small by clicking on our GoFundMe page here

Thank you in advance for your contribution to this cause that means so much to us.


The Torch Theatre is actively working to help and inspire our community throughout this crisis. To support our wider programme of work and help secure the future operation of the Torch, please consider donating here https://www.torchtheatre.co.uk/support-the-torch