Always the extra, never the star: Taking Flight Theatre Company bring peeling by Kaite O’Reilly to Milford Haven

“Taking Flight is a company which has taken the idea of inclusivity in terms of artists and audiences with hearing impairments and other disabilities and run with it as an essential element of its aesthetic rather than a mere box-ticking exercise.”


In shadow, never centre stage, three performers await their brief moment in the light, their words buried in dust, through the long corridor of time. We will unearth them here. We will hear them echo in the darkness. This city will fall.


With interwoven BSL, live audio description and English captions at every show, peeling challenges you to experience theatre afresh. Whose stories do we tell? And who is there to bear witness?


Four performers, who are part of the chorus of The Trojan Women, Then and Now, an epic, post-modern production being played out before them, wait at the back of the stage where they have been shoved because the theatre dressing rooms are not accessible to them.


As they await their brief moments in the spotlight, they comment on the action that they witness night after night. They discuss war and its effects, desire, motherhood, reproductive rights and, of course, celebrity gossip. They stich sequins on to knickers, knit and make soup out of sight of the audience. As they bitch, moan and share, we get to know them, what they are hiding and what they choose to reveal.


peeling is one of the UK’s best examples of post-modern theatre, contemporary drama fans of West Wales have an opportunity to experience it first-hand, at the Torch Theatre on Wednesday 27 March in a brand new production by the inimitable Taking Flight Theatre Company (You’ve Got Dragons).


When asked to put the essence of peeling in a nutshell, writer Kaite O’Reilly says:

The main characters of peeling are the chorus in a war play which rages around and often hilariously in spite of them. Insults, recipes and stories are shared about mothers and children and why we never seem to remember our hard-learned lessons of war.


The production is suitable for audiences aged 14 years up and accessible to hearing and d/Deaf audiences alike. Access is integrated throughout. One of the performers is Deaf and slips between English and British Sign Language/ Sign Supported English

Torch Theatre, Milford Haven; Wednesday 27 March, 7:30pm. Duration 75 mins
Tickets: £12.50 | £10.5012.50 | £10.50


For more information and to book tickets, contact our Box Office on 01646 695267 or visit

` Always the extra, never the star: Taking Flight Theatre Company bring peeling by Kaite O’Reilly to Milford Haven