A moment in time


Emerging from the rich pool of creative expression of singers, painters and poets, comes a lyric or quote that grabs my attention and inspires my work; to capture on paper and canvas an aspect of their character that those words evoke.


My paintings also reflect a nostalgic longing for a more innocent, perhaps more honest time. Pubs were places to meet and talk, like Browns Hotel in Laugharne, witness to the ale-infused ego sparring of Dylan Thomas and Augustus John. Music was performed in more intimate venues, and what you saw and heard unfolded before your eyes and ears and those that were there with you, not shared with thousands of anonymous online watches. Creative experiences to be spoken of and not filmed, to be remembered and not posted. To be experienced in the preciousness of a moment in time, not replayed virally, endlessly meaninglessness.


In this exhibition I have painted those whose words and craft I have relished and been inspired by; William Blake, Augustus John and of course Dylan Thomas. Also included are my Musical heroes Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Elvis and Leonard Cohen.


In my work I use all elements that are available to me and mix paint, ink and pencil with collage. It’s possible to make art out of anything – bits of wrapping paper, pieces of cardboard, used tickets, whatever you have.




After studying at Carmarthen Art School I obtained a Diploma in Art & Design at Maidstone College of Art before entering the world of advertising as an Art Director.


I worked on a variety of accounts in the automotive, retail and drinks industry, working with celebrities like Twiggy, Henry Cooper, Alex ‘Hurricane’ Higgins and Tony Gregg.


I later spent eleven years in Dubai and Bahrain as a Creative Director working on the British Airways account.


I retired and moved back to UK to live in Tenby over twelve years ago and started to paint full time again. I held my first one man exhibition at the Tenby Museum and Art Gallery in May 2018.

Cafe Torch