Pembrokeshire’s Coast And Countryside: Two Perspectives

An exhibition of framed limited edition prints depicting the coast and countryside of Pembrokeshire opens on Friday 10 November at the Torch Theatre’s Joanna Field Gallery.


The exhibition represents the work of two artists, Graham Brace and Clive Gould. Graham and Clive both studied graphic design at Cardiff College of Art in the late 1960’s followed by long careers in the graphic design industry. Both changed direction some 15 years ago to concentrate on landscape and seascape painting and rekindled their earlier association with the result that they have held several joint exhibitions over the last four years.


Clive’s preferred medium is acrylic and his distinctive large format paintings graphically portray the rugged drama and stunning beauty of the Pembrokeshire coast…its powerful seas, the rocks, cliff faces and skies.


Graham’s work on a smaller scale illustrates the diverse nature of Pembrokeshire’s coast and countryside, often concentrating on more intimate and specific features within the landscape, as well as the wider views. He works in a mixture of media with a predominance of coloured pencil.


Both artists have a very keen eye for realism and detail.


This exhibition of affordable prints runs until 6 January 2018 and can be viewed at all times when the theatre and adjoining café is open.

[Image credit: 'Early Morning, Skrinkle Haven' - Clive Gould]

Cafe Torch