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Mark Williams’ new adaptation of Jason and the Argonauts – a Blackwood Miners’ Institute/RCT Theatres Co-Production is touring throughout Wales this month and will visit the Torch Theatre, Milford Haven on Tuesday, 18 April. For one day only, anyone bearing the same name as the show’s hero can grab themselves a free ticket to see the show! Simply call into the box office with proof that your name is Jason to claim your ticket, evidence of heroic deeds is entirely optional.


Jason is an ordinary human in a world bursting with gods, monsters and superheroes. Assembling a team of mighty Argonauts, he takes the fabulous ship Argo on the ultimate adventure – the quest for the Golden Fleece. But no quest is easy. Along the way, the crew meets crazy kings, horrific Harpies, sinister Siren and the skeleton army of the Earthborn Dead. Does Jason have what it takes to be a hero, and bring the Golden Fleece back to Iolcus?


An exciting clash of gods and monsters, Jason and the Argonauts is a timeless tale of courage and determination. This production draws influences from across the worlds of sci-fi and fantasy to give us an epic adventure


This brand new version of the classic legend is billed as a blockbuster theatre experience full of hope, heart and humour for the whole family. The production is suitable for those aged 7 and over.


Tickets are £8.50 adult / £7.00 children. To book online visit: or call our Box Office on (01646) 695267.


Customers can now print their own tickets at home, so there will be no need to queue at the Box Office.

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