The History Of Opera


A humourous and informative whistle stop tour with Brendan Wheatley and his guests and loads and loads of music!


What is a castrato?

Which composer died of a conducting accident?

Why are basses taller than tenors?

Why was Carmen a flop?


Music from Monteverdi to Hoddinott!


Perfect for newcomers to opera and regulars alike!


A light hearted and informative evening combined with wonderful singing accompanied by piano and with guest soprano. The evening is interspersed with interesting facts and anecdotes to demonstrate the ever changing styles in the wonderful art form of opera: including arias and duets by Handel, Mozart, Puccini, Verdi, Mussorgsky and many many more.


Brendan and Bridgett have devoted a lifetime to opera, as singers, directors and in running their own successful touring companies, Opera Box and Swansea City Opera. Often tongue in cheek, they look forward to sharing their love of opera with you!

Full £10
Start: 16th May 2017
End: 16th May 2017

Dates & Times

Tuesday 16th May 2017 19:30

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