Jason And The Argonauts

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Jason is an ordinary human in a world bursting with gods, monsters and superheroes. Assembling a team of mighty Argonauts, he takes the fabulous ship Argo on the ultimate adventure – the quest for the Golden Fleece.
But it won’t be easy. Along the way, he’ll meet crazy Kings, horrific Harpies, sinister Sirens… and the skeleton army of the Earthborn Dead…
Jason & The Argonauts is a brand new version of the classic legend – a thrilling theatrical experience full of hope, heart and humour for the whole family.
Adult £8.50 | Child £7.00
Start: 18th April 2017
End: 18th April 2017

Dates & Times

Tuesday 18th April 2017 13:00
Tuesday 18th April 2017 16:00

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